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[Annual Workshop] EDAS for added value applications

Thursday, November 28, 2019
Current EDAS users –market segment distribution and type of use

Mr. Vázquez from ESSP-SAS introduced EDAS and its services, in the in Annual EGNOS workshop, focusing on the variety of GNSS products that are delivered by EDAS, and their potential to address a wide range of user needs. Then the classification of the active EDAS-based applications/usage cases was presented by market segment, showing that EDAS is present in practically all application domains. He also highlighted that more than 50% of the active uses come from professional and commercial initiatives, which results in a large number of end users being supported by EDAS.

Some current EDAS-based applications were presented (GNSS performance monitoring, fleet management, precision farming, and maritime navigation services) to reinforce EDAS’s potential to provide value in multiple environments. Other promising initiatives that are under development were introduced briefly as well.

Presentation available in this link.