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[Annual Workshop] ENAV contribution to EGNOS aviation services adoption and next steps

Monday, November 11, 2019
ECARO objectives

Mr. Patrizio Vanni, from the Italian ANSP (ENAV), gave in the Annual EGNOS workshop audience an overall picture of the company’s past, present and future contributions to the use of EGNOS in aviation.

ENAV has been active in GNSS since the late 90s. It was a founding member of ESSP and, amongst several RIMS, has hosted one of the system’s Control Centres since the early 2000s. With nearly 40 LPV approaches in service today, the company has built many technical capabilities related to PBN implementation, thanks principally to its participation in major Italian and EU-funded projects. Its growth is not over, and the company is still at the forefront of E-GNSS innovation with new projects such as ECARO or DREAMS, funded by GSA and SJU, respectively.

Presentation available in this link.