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[Annual Workshop] Implementation of EGNOS-based approaches at the border of the Service Area

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
First EGNOS approach procedure at Húsavík airport (BIHU) in Iceland

Arnór Bergur Kristinsson, from Isavia, presented in the Annual EGNOS workshop the most significant milestones in the implementation of the first EGNOS approach procedure at Húsavík airport (BIHU) in Iceland. The location of this country, at the border of the APV-I coverage area required the development of a dedicated EGNOS, performance research. Iceland Authority finally authorised EGNOS LPV/APV-I procedures in May 2019 at Húsavík airport, with a set of mitigating actions (among others): publication on AIP of the EGNOS related information, NOTAM services for all airports and an assessment of the EGNOS signals-in-space quality before publication.

Plans for publication at Akureyri (BIAR) were also presented, as in its particular environment conditions (a narrow valley), the smaller protection surfaces when designing EGNOS based procedures enable having Precision-Approach-like procedures with a much lower minima.The presentation also included an explanation of the signing process for the EGNOS Working Agreement, between Isavia and ESSP, remarking that cooperation between organisations was key to enabling EGNOS procedures in Iceland.

Presentation available in this link.