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[Annual Workshop] Largest EGNOS-equipped fleet in business aviation

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Largest EGNOS equipped fleet-VISTAJET

The last round of presentations of the first day of the Annual EGNOS workshop began with Mr. Stefano Oprandi from VistaJet, on the stage. VistaJet, a business jet operator with a global presence, is currently operating a fleet of 73 aircraft, 57 of which are approved for LPV approaches. Mr. Oprandi explained how, in certain environments, EGNOS-based operations bring major benefits to the company: from less-demanding steep approaches to reductions in flight mileage, for example.

In addition, the audience learned about VistaJet’s operational experience and how LPV approaches were. The closing words were dedicated to encourage all relevant stakeholders to continue working towards the further implementation of new LPVs all along the European continent.

Presentation available here.