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[Annual Workshop] SBAS solution for cargo operations

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
SBAS solution for cargo operations by CMC Electronics

The final presentation of Day 1 in the Annual EGNOS workshop was provided by Mr. Tarek Sabanekh, CMC Electronics’ Strategic Marketing Manager. After dedicating a few words to the origins and history of the company and to the impressive GPS product portfolio at CMC, Mr. Sabanekh focused on the success of the company in providing retrofit solutions for cargo airlines. In recent years, solutions for various functionalities (ADS-B Out, SBAS Navigation, LPV, GBAS, or combinations of these) have gone on the market for popular cargo platforms, such as the Airbus A300/310 and A320 or the Boeing B737 classics and NG, B747-400, B757, B767 and B777.

In closing, Mr. Sabanekh explained several lines of work within the company, including the development of a new generation MCMF (Multi-Constellation Multi-Frequency) receiver.

Presentation available here.