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[Annual Workshop] Spanish IALA DGPS network upgrade based on EGNOS/EDAS

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
IALA beacon in Tarifa (Spain)

On the second day of the Annual EGNOS workshop, Mr. Rebollo and Mr. Argul from Puertos del Estado introduced their current IALA DGPS network, the largest in Europe by number of stations.

Today, the Spanish IALA DGPS network is facing obsolescence issues and maintaining the service requires a re-engineering project. In this situation, Puertos del Estado intends to go with an EGNOS/EDAS-based centralised architecture. Puertos del Estado recalled the importance of the SC24 project (funded by GSA) for them, as the pilot projects conducted by the project team enabled them to test and verify the very high performance, as well as the cost savings, that the EGNOS/EDAS-based solution could provide. Currently, Puertos del Estado is ready to launch the recapitalisation project of the Spanish IALA DGPS network, pending clarification regarding the international position on the future of the IALA DGPS networks.

Presentation available in this link.