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[Annual Workshop] Use of EGNOS for PinS and low-level routes

Monday, November 11, 2019
Use of EGNOS for PinS

Lars Erik Bragstad and Lars Amdal, both helicopter pilots from Norsk Luftambulanse AS, presented in the Annual EGNOS workshop the implementation process for EGNOS approach procedures for PinS and Low-Level Routes in Norway and Denmark, in non-ATS environments.

To establish the operational and legal framework for using EGNOS as a navigation aid, an EGNOS Working Agreement was signed between ESSP and the Rotorcraft Operator, including the Provision of EGNOS NOTAM thanks to the involvement of ESSP, the operator NLA, EAD and Avinor. The signing of this EWA agreement (the first of its own) concludes a major step in international cooperation to employ EGNOS precision signals and services for a cost-efficient navigation solution bringing benefits for patients in need of helicopter transport by NLA by using satellite-based navigation in Norway.

Presentation available in this link.