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Imminent changes in the EGNOS Space Segment!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Imminent changes in the EGNOS Space Segment!!

Still not aware of the upcoming temporal modifications in the EGNOS Space Segment starting the 9th January 2020? Please, check the Service Notice #22 to keep up to date!

Official information detailing the schedule, swap process and outcomes after each event affecting the configuration of the operational EGNOS geostationary satellites (GEOs) is provided within the abovementioned Service Notice #22. Such events comprise three sequential GEO Swaps from 9th January 2020 to 23rd March 2020, giving rise to the following EGNOS Space Segment configuration: the INMARSAT 4F2 (PRN 126) will enter in operational mode, while the ASTRA SES-5 (GEO-1/PRN 136) and ASTRA 5-B (GEO-2/PRN 123) will be in test mode in alternate periods.

In addition, please note that this Service Notice #22 will be updated once each GEO Swap is completed, giving information on its outcome, and highlighting the following Swap.

Should you have any question related to this information or to EGNOS, please, contact or +34 911 236 555 (H24/7).