EGNOS Autumn 20’ Bulletin release

Friday, November 20, 2020

The EGNOS Autumn Bulletin edition is now available with the latest and most interesting contributions on EGNOS implementation in different sectors such as aviation, agriculture and maritime. This edition also includes the presentation of new examples of EGNOS implementation success stories, of companies such as Finnair and their transcontinental round trip, the Fokker Services standalone solutions, The Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy maritime surveys, or Proxima Systems devices in agriculture. Click here to read more!!

The EGNOS Bulletin is a fully open access journal, published three times a year with the main objective of displaying EGNOS use cases and the latest updates in various market segments. We also catch up on this bulletin with news on the status of other ANSPs in Europe. In this issue, we offer you an interesting interview with ANA (Air Navigation Administration) which is the Air Navigation Service Provider in Luxembourg. ANA offers us a complete description of the benefits that PBN brings, especially with EGNOS.

Another relevant topic included in this edition is the article on the evolution status of EGNOS-based procedures publications as of the last AIRAC cycle #2010, which has substantially been increased since the first publication in 2011. In this autumn issue, we also want to show you a very impressive case: the publication of LPV steep approaches.

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