Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The EGNOS Summer Bulletin edition is now available with the latest and most interesting contributions on the implementation of EGNOS in different sectors such as aviation, agriculture, geomatics and maritime, as well as the presentation of notable success stories from companies such as Anaptixi, VistaJet, GZC and SMATSA on how they have adopted EGNOS services in their daily activities. Click here to read more!!

The EGNOS BULLETIN is a fully open access journal, issued three times a year with the primary goal of showcasing EGNOS use cases and latest updates in several market segments. The EGNOS Bulletin also gives an overview of the status of other SBAS in the World. For instance, in this issue the article about “SBAS for Africa and Indian Ocean” highlights the initiative led by the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA), that pursues the autonomous provision of SBAS services over the African and Indian Ocean region.

This edition scans EGNOS performance during the outbreak of COVID-19 crisis and how its services have continued being delivered with no impact in asset maintenance, operations and activities required, ensuring the security of the infrastructure while guaranteeing health and safety.

You can also learn in this issue how EGNOS LPV approaches have spread across European aerodromes with a continuous and steady growth, even in this complex period, as they are becoming essential at small and large airports. Click here to read it!