EGNOS used in Valtra Guide Solutions

Monday, October 25, 2021

Valtra is a Finnish company, from AgCo group, dedicated to the manufacture of tractors. This 2021 year, coinciding with the 70th anniversary, Valtra has presented new 5th generation products fully prepared to work in the smartest way, always keeping in mind the principle of maximum simplicity of use that characterizes the brand. The wide range of products covers the extensive demand for power not only from farmers and ranchers, but also from companies outside the sector dedicated to municipal services or airport maintenance.

As part of the technological solutions, the “Valtra Guide” guidance system allows users to have all the necessary information in a comfortable and friendly way. Valtra Guide guidance system is a smart farming tool compatible with a wide range of correction signals, EGNOS one of those, which are adapted to each client, choosing the receiver, level of precision or correction signal that best suits each job or operation, being able to update the precision of user guidance system at any time.

Rafael Millan is the specialist in the smart farming platform that simplifies the management of moving and static assets and the data necessary to run a profitable agricultural application. Rafael confirms that: ‘‘EGNOS in ValtraGuide allows precise and constant driving at every moment, in every place, for every job, being an affordable and ideal system for spraying, tilling, fertilizing or in poor visibility conditions or at night. Using Valtra Guide with EGNOS helps save time and money, while helping to make work lighter and improving decision making’’.

EGNOS can be configured on Valtra G, N, T and S tractor series models equipped with “Valtra Guide”, having the option to select the necessary correction signal. The system itself allows you to exchange between the different correction signals available to your Valtra Guide guidance system, considering the EGNOS configuration simple and easy.

Rafael Millan confirms that: ‘‘EGNOS is perfectly integrated into Valtra Guide, as the components do a very satisfactory job together with an easy-to-use terminal and with numerous steering sensitivity and drift compensation settings, both for steering corrections and for facing the line of work. EGNOS offers good performance, even in work with ISOBUS implements where centimeter precision is not required’’.

EGNOS in Valtra guide can be considered the preferred low-cost entry technology for precision farming. It provides lower workload and more efficient use in the field in and easy and friendly way.

Therefore, Valtra keeps recommending EGNOS to their users network, who have been working with EGNOS for years, due to the benefits it brings, not only in terms of cost and time savings, but also fuel, fertilizers, seeds and other inputs savings, contributing to the sustainability of the environment and the efficiency in their farming activities.