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[Annual Workshop] Use of EGNOS in French farming

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Use of GNSS in France, by AgroTIC

AgroTiC is a French Monitoring Centre for Digital Agriculture Adoption that aims to support the digitalisation of French farming. Adopting GNSS and EGNOS in particular in France was the topic of the presentation provided in the Annual EGNOS workshop. Nina Lachia confirmed that according to the survey conducted by AgroTiC, EGNOS is one of the signals used most frequently by farmers. It is mainly used for cereal crops, but also for vineyards and orchards.

Farmers benefit from it because it increases working convenience, allows economic and environmental savings and also improves agronomics for their farms. Despite all those positive facts, fewer than a half of all French farmers use the GNSS capabilities available on their tractors (with 80% of the tractors being equipped), which reveals that there is a lot of work yet to be done to engage, explain and increase awareness of GNSS in French Farming.

Presentation available in this link.