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New EASE tool for farmers

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
The EASE tool for agriculture

The new EASE (Egnos sAvingS in agriculturE) tool is already available in the EGNOS User Support Website. The EASE tool intends to provide farmers with cost-benefit analyses on the use of EGNOS for machinery guidance in some of their typical agricultural labours: sowing, spreading, spraying and harvesting. The EASE tool presents a user-friendly interface that guides the user smoothly along the three configuration screens before obtaining the final EGNOS savings of the proposed scenario. To facilitate the configuration tasks, explanation pop ups are also available for all the data fields (look for the exclamation mark bubbles). In addition, the text of the EASE tool can be automatically translated to any language (check the top right widget). Anyway, a detailed user manual is also at the disposal of the user for further consultation.

The EASE tool is based on a comprehensive (but pragmatic) model, in order to try to be simple but also in line with reality. The methodology takes into account the specific circumstances, considering both costs and labour practices, of each farmer. The tool can perform scalable studies, including as many operation tasks as the farmer considers relevant. In the end, the user can print or export the results obtained. The EASE tool is recommended for those types of crops that do not require very high precision solutions, i.e. extensive crops in dry areas, such as dryland cereals, legumes and sunflowers.