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The PBN Implementing Rule is finally issued by EC

Monday, October 22, 2018

The long awaited PBN Implementing Rule was finally published as Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1048 on the 16th of July 2018 underlining the benefits of PBN to the increasing demands on the use of airspace in terms of safety, capacity and efficiency through the optimization of air traffic routes and instrument approach procedures. In particular, the Rule emphasizes the safety and cost-efficiency considerations brought by EGNOS when establishing LPV approaches.

The Regulation applies to Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services (ATM/ANS) providers and aerodromes operators responsible for establishing instrument approach procedures or air traffic service (ATS) routes. It enquires them to ensure a smooth and safe transition and to consult all involved parties while drafting a transition plan which must be deferred to the competent authority.

In a nutshell, the Regulation mandates by December 2020 the implementation of LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LPV approach procedures at all instrument runway ends and, where required due to traffic density or traffic complexity, radius to fix (RF) legs. For those instrument runway ends already served by precision approach procedures the mandate is extended until January 2024.

Additionally, the Regulation requests that all ATS routes for en-route operations shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of RNAV 5 specification by December 2020 for that above FL 150 and by January 2024 for that below FL 150. Similarly, by the latter date, where SID routes or STAR routes have been established, at least one shall be based on RNAV 1 specification extending the mandate to all routes by June 2030.

From that date onwards, June 2030, all phases of flight should be based on PBN implementations, being conventional navigation restricted to a backup role (with the exception of CAT II, CAT IIIA or CAT IIIB operations). This significantly remarks the role and importance of EGNOS as a key enabler of PBN.