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EGNOS, with its sub-metre level accuracy (20-30 cm pass-to-pass), offers an affordable solution for some of the field works required today by precision agriculture. EGNOS allows farmers to better monitor their harvest yields, perform effective in-field data collection, use guidance in cultivation, increase efficiency (allowing to work in poor visibility/weather conditions), increase productiveness , lower costs and minimise environmental impact - all with minimal investment. By enabling precision agriculture EGNOS provides advantages to both farmers, in the form of higher profit margins, and society – with increased food supply and more environmentally-friendly agriculture.

In light of these benefits, EGNOS is on its way to becoming the preferred entry level technology for a sustainable precision agriculture in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This is confirmed by the fact the vast majority of agricultural GNSS devices, on board farming machinery on the market today, are EGNOS enabled.



EGNOS supports:

  • Variable rate applications
  • Tractor guidance for operations with no cm accuracy needed (such as spraying)
  • Individual livestock positioning
  • Supervised livestock tracking
  • Virtual fencing
  • Post-harvest pick-up
  • Field measurement
  • Field boundary mapping

EGNOS helps to:

  • Enhance precision
  • Eliminate waste and over-application of fertilisers and herbicides
  • Save time
  • Optimise the working hours, independently to the daylight
  • It is free and does not require any subscription
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Extend equipment lifetime by optimising its use
  • Optimise crop yields

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