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By providing integrity information and improving positioning accuracy and, EGNOS makes it possible to determine train locations while reducing the dependence on expensive trackside infrastructure. Investigations are currently ongoing to characterise the expected level of performance for rail applications by using GNSS with EGNOS augmentation – specifically for safety-relevant applications. Meanwhile, EGNOS is fit to support railway logistics applications such as the monitoring of freight and dangerous goods movement. The next version of EGNOS will augment Galileo signals which may further enhance the service quality offered by EGNOS to the railway community and expand its potential for new applications.

Aside from the more well-known use cases such as for providing passenger information services, European GNSS serves the rail sector in various other ways. EGNOS delivers integrity, improves availability and enhances accuracy for safety critical applications such as railway signalling. As a result of the shift towards a GNSS-based European Train Control System (ETCS), rail will benefit from improved safety and lower operational costs, and all of Europe will enjoy safer rail journeys on regional and low-density lines, with reduced pollution and more precise information services for rail customers.

EGNOS for the RAIL Sector means

  • Less infrastructure
  • Lower investment and operational costs
  • Improved availability
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Increased safety
  • Less pollution
  • More precise passenger information services

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