Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) have launched the 2020 edition of its EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey. This survey will provide a better understanding of the value of EGNOS to end users and help ensure that future evolutions of the system continue to meet users’ needs.

Users have always been at the heart of European GNSS (EGNSS - Galileo and EGNOS) service provision, and feedback from users on their experience is invaluable in shaping these services, helping to ensure continuously improve and better serve the EGNSS community.

This year’s survey is separated in different EGNOS market segment (Aviation, Maritime, Rail, Road, Agriculture, Surveying and Mapping and LBS). Access the survey here and select the market segment in which you are operating, the market segment that corresponds to your main area of activity, or the market segment that is the most important for your company or organisation, if you are active in multiple market segments.

The EGNOS survey covers all market segments and services, including the Open Service, the Safety of Life Service and the EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS). It also assesses the ESSP’s management of EGNOS User Support Services.

The results from 2019 EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey showed a positive trend, with user satisfaction slightly increased compared with 2018. The results of the survey will allow the GSA and the ESSP to better understand the EGNOS users’ needs, improve the EGNOS services and provide better support. were positive and showed a good level of satisfaction with EGNOS.


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