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EGNOS Documentation Subscription

Please note that you can also receive notifications/alerts about planned and unplanned EGNOS Signal-In-Space outages and performance degradations by e-mail. For subscribing to these notifications you need to be registered in the EGNOS User Support website and select the corresponding notifications/alerts in your profile.

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The EGNOS Service Definition Documents (SDDs) present the characteristics of the different EGNOS services, EGNOS Open Service (EGNOS OS), EGNOS Safety of Life Service (EGNOS SoL) and EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS), highlighting the conditions of access and the performance currently available to suitably users and describing all the necessary information to get access to the EGNOS services and benefiting from them. There is one EGNOS SDD for each of the different EGNOS Services.

The EGNOS bulletin is the official EGNOS quarterly publication intended to communicate on the latest news and developments of the EGNOS services and applications, including major EGNOS milestones and upcoming events, interviews with key users and stakeholders, success stories, and EGNOS-based applications implementation updates.

The EGNOS Services Notices are issued whenever there is any relevant modification to the EGNOS Service Definition Documents or important changes in the EGNOS services status or configuration that, due to their urgency or temporary nature, need to be promptly notified to EGNOS users.

The EGNOS Service Implementation Roadmaps (SIRs) aim at providing a high-level overview of the EGNOS Services status and their expected evolution linked  to  the  consecutive  EGNOS System Releases’ (ESR) deployments and information/interfaces improvements/changes mainly focusing on 4 different areas: Service Area, Service Level, Service Robustness and User Interfaces. There is one EGNOS SIR for each of the different EGNOS Services.

The EGNOS Service Provision Yearly Reports summarize the main performance figures of the different EGNOS Services together with the service provision activities/achievements of the previous annual period and also the main plans for the year ahead.

The EGNOS Monthly Performance Reports present the monthly summary of the main performance figures for the different EGNOS Services; EGNOS Open Service (EGNOS OS), EGNOS Safety of Life Service (EGNOS SoL) and EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS).

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